More than a face on facebook

Do you use facebook for personal, business, or for both?  There really is no wrong answer to this question.  Use facebook however you would like.  But consider this, how many people can you connect with, influence, or motivate through your network?  If you choose to utilize facebook for business, then here are a few points to remember:

  • Be active!  You can’t build your identity or online relationships by accident.  I’m reminded of the old Chuck Shuller commercial where he says, “Don’t just sit there……….. DO SOMETHING!”
  • Be intentional! Remember that everything you post on your business and personal page creates an image that either benefits you or hurts you.  Post with a with purpose, with goals, and objectives.
  • Be teachable!  Social Media Marketing (SMM) is ever-evolving.  The moment you take a break, things change.  So commit to being an avid learner.  If you’re in the Cincinnati area, take our 2 hour class on facebook on November 15. <CLICK HERE TO REGISTER>

Keep it Disciplined!

Ernie Dimalanta,
Founder of Out-&-Out Marketing®

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