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Think about your influence as a constant message that shows up in the right situations.

Maintaining your communication campaigns is crucial, whether you need to relate to your existing client base, connect with potential customers and investors, or communicate with your local community.

A lack of control over your own communication puts the perception of your company in the hands of the public—and that’s not always a good thing.

Dimalanta is fully equipped to help you manage your public relations in a variety of ways. We’re here to help with managing your campaigns, developing media kits for news stations and publications, distributing social media content, writing press releases, getting event coverage, and working with the press to arrange interviews.

Right for you if…

  • you are leading a company that has little to no presence in the marketplace.
  • your customers aren’t sure who you are.
  • you have no one to help with marketing and need a full team of experts.
  • you aren’t sure what to say when.
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