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We want to make you look good.

We’re dedicated to communicating your messages in a way that appeals to your customers and new opportunities.

Jana Linville

Creative Manager

The way you communicate the image of your organization directly impacts the way people see you.

Dimalanta works to ensure your marketing collateral and imagery matches your brand’s personality and capabilities, ranging from logo design, to print materials, and all things digital such as website, e-newsletters, and social media or pay per click advertising.

So whether your brand image needs a slight refresh or you’re starting your design from scratch, our team of talented and innovative designers are happy to help.

Feel free to browse our mini portfolio showing off the graphic design work we’ve created for our clients.

Right for you if…

  • your design is looking a little outdated.
  • you’re sick and tired of designing your fliers in powerpoint.
  • your design lacks cohesion or consistency within your brand.
  • you’re completely starting fresh!
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