Lots of words

In light of the recent tragedies our country has experienced and the highly polarizing election in November, there are many who undoubtedly feel compelled to share our opinions through various social media outlets. However, care should be given anytime you choose to write something that the entire world could see. No matter how strong the urge is to express your opinion to your social media audience, ask yourself one question:

Is what you are about to type going to enhance or diminish your brand in the eyes of your target audience?

You never know who is going to read what you write and how that written word will be interpreted. With all the hard work you put in each day to build your market presence and credibility, why take the chance of eroding your successes by inadvertently offending a current or future client? Yes, we live in a country that is built on the freedom of speech, but sometimes words can turn out to be expensive.

Keep it Disciplined!

Pam Rezai
Sr. Marketing Director

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