A plumb line is typically used in construction or surveying to determine if a structure is truly vertical.  It is an easy yet necessary test to ensure the long-term stability, safety, and use of the structure.  It is essential.

With any given business, the term plumb line has quite a bit of relevance.  A plumb line is comprised of a string and a plumb-bob (a weight, typically with a pointed tip at the bottom) attached to it.  The plumb-bob symbolizes our business mission or vision statement.  The line itself is everything we do on a daily basis to ensure our plumb-bob stays on target.  In other words, we can utilize the plumb line analogy to properly and effectively gauge whether or not a particular marketing tactic is truly in line with where we want to go.

Quite honestly, there are countless ways to promote your business, engage with your target market, and arm yourself with the proper marketing collateral to deliver your message.  But how do we, as business professionals, ensure that we are optimizing our time, talent, and resources? What can we use to help us discern the best choice?  The marketing plumb line.

Taking the time to develop and understand not only what you do, how you do it, but why you do it will create that plumb line you need to make business decisions easier, clearer, and more effective.  You will, in essence, be strategically building your business and avoiding the shot-gun approach.

Keep it targeted.

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