If money were no object marketing would be quite easy.  We would spend, and spend a lot, to ensure that every person in our target market heard our message.  Unfortunately, in most cases this is impossible and unrealistic.

For a large majority of businesses our marketing funds are limited.  This limitation compels us to use our brainpower to reach our target market.  Depending on our budget, our marketing strategy could include any number of tactics – Google ad words, social media campaigns, billboard advertising, or direct mail.  However, no matter what the mix is, we need to remember the most powerful marketing tool at our disposal – word of mouth marketing.  The power of a referral or recommendation is many times underestimated in today’s business world.

Word of mouth marketing is the most trusted and reliable marketing strategy you can implement. It has the power to ultimately transform your business.  Just like the familiar saying implies, “Good things happen to those who wait,” word of mouth marketing is one of those good things if you have patience.  With disciplined and perpetual activity, we can build the momentum necessary to increase the number of referrals we receive through word of mouth.  So what are some of the activities to make this a reality?

  • Regular attendance at networking events.
  • Follow up with all phone calls and emails.
  • Personal involvement in various professional organizations.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Written thank you notes.
  • Frequent one to one’s with those in your circle of influence.
  • Consistent engagement on various social media platforms.
  • Periodic communication with current clients, past clients, and future clients.
  • Giving referrals and recommendations to others.

Word of mouth marketing requires you to make it happen.  It requires your effort, time, and commitment.  While it may take more time than the impact of unlimited financial resources, the long-term effect is priceless.

Keep it perpetual.

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