It is very common to get caught up in the daily responsibilities of running a business. Calling on clients, invoicing, returning calls, attending meetings, lunch appointments, networking…the list can go on and on.

We can get so focused on working “in” the business that we forget to work “on” the business. The long-term success of any business, from start-up to Fortune 100 company, requires the periodic work “on” it – meaning:

  • revisiting your mission and vision
  • assessing your branding and alignment
  • taking inventory of your pipeline of future business and opportunities
  • re-evaluating networking groups and affiliations
  • refining your target market and new areas of focus

Yes, this requires time set aside on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis, but it will allow you and your employees to work smarter and not harder, and align your combined efforts in the marketplace.  Take time today to look at your calendar to assess how much time you are working “in” the business and how much you are actually working “on” the business.  You might be surprised.

Keep it perpetual.


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