What Leaders Take Home

Relieving Stress & Developing Psychological Safety

What stress lingers with you as you pull into your driveway after work? Is it that tough conversation you’ve been avoiding? Dwindling trust you feel from employees you thought had your back? Are you taking a big risk on a project but unsure of how it will all play out? Are you worried that your co-workers or employees are beginning to feel demoralized and discouraged? Are you dealing with perfectionism, fear, or haunting past experiences? Are you uncertain about what leadership strategies work post-COVID? Maybe these stressors are mounting and feel so overwhelming, you can’t even seem to get out of your car. 

At Dimalanta, we understand the different stressors leaders carry that feel impossible to just leave at work. Some of these burdens are complex and feel crushing to even the brightest and most successful among you. We want to come alongside you and help you carry these burdens. Our experience has taught us that most of the stressors leaders face are either related to personal fears and perceived inadequacies or cultural dysfunction in the workplace and a lack of psychological safety.   

Our DesignUs program is all about learning meaningful ways to grow as a leader, motivate your people, and create work environments that thrive. We care about helping leaders and team members cultivate both high character and high competency. Specifically, our training will help you develop the skills necessary to build trust with team members and create psychologically safe environments. Psychologically safe environments allow healthy feedback to flourish inside individuals and promote growth and learning. Personal development and enhanced knowledge in you and your people will lead to more innovation, creativity, and productivity for your organization and improve the overall culture of the workplace. 

If you can relate to the “driveway feeling” described above, take our culture survey and discover where your organization might learn how to fill in some culture gaps with training. This survey will give you an idea of where your organization falls in terms of cultural health and psychological safety. The survey won’t solve all of your problems or immediately relieve your stress but it can give you a path forward. These results can guide you to solutions that will benefit your personal and organizational health long term. 

Life is stressful. It always will be. But with comprehensive training from leaders who understand, you can pull into your driveway after work knowing you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to weather whatever work or life throws at you.

Take our survey! Answer these questions honestly with your gut instinct – 1 being not at all, 10 being absolutely! When you’re finished, follow up on what those numbers mean by reaching out to us at Dimalanta Design Group. How healthy is my work culture?

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