…While Adding Fun and Freshness to Cell Phones

CINCINNATI, OHIO, July 3, 2008:

Cell phones contain a wider range of microorganisms than the soles of a shoe, a door handle or a toilet seat — but one swipe of a new personal electronics wipe serves to limit the exchange of elements such as dirt, grime and other loose
debris between cell phones and users.

A new personal electronics wipe, Celly Smellys®, is one of the few tools cell phone users have in the war against dirt and grime. “Routinely cleaning your cell phone with a cleansing wipe has become part of good hygiene,” says Jessica Pohlkamp, health care professional and originator of Celly Smellys® wipes. “It’s just common sense. Cell phones test more positively for potentially harmful microorganisms than any other daily object because they come into contact with so many parts of the body — hands, faces, mouths. And skin hosts literally billions of germs — tens of thousands of microbes on each square inch!”

Celly Smellys® are convenient, scented, individually packaged, pre-moistened wipes with a specially formulated solution that reduces exposure to germs on hard, non-porous surfaces by removing dirt and grime where microorganisms may reside and limiting the exchange between phone and user. The wipes are non-toxic and LCD-friendly to even the newest electronics on the market, including cell phones, computer screens, gaming systems, and mp3 players. Common household cleaners can be damaging to cell phones and LCD screens, not to mention they are foul smelling. That’s why Celly Smellys® are the perfect solution to “what do I clean my cell phone off with?”

As consumers become increasingly health and hygiene conscious — not only with being physically fit, but also with removing external disease-causing agents from their lives — they find technology presents its own challenges. Cell phone usage has increased 600 percent in the past decade, bringing with it a breeding ground for germs that live in dirt and grime.

Studies show that the types of microorganisms found on cell phones increases as temperature rises. Standard cell phone batteries provide the ideal temperature for growth. When phones are stored in enclosed spaces — such as in pockets, purses and book bags — germs further thrive. Experts recommend that, to maintain good performance and help reduce the exposure to germs, cell phone cleaning should be part of a daily routine.

“As a health care professional,” says Celly Smellys® originator, Pohlkamp, “I noticed people at the hospital unwittingly transferring germs from their dirty hands to their phones — and then placing their phones near their faces, and other patients. I wanted to figure out a way to reduce the exposure to germs before they had a chance to spread.”

“Celly Smellys® were designed to be both useful and fun,” adds Pohlkamp. “We know our product appeals to those who want to be hygienic as well as those parents watching out for their kids. While people are keeping their cell phones clean, we’ve given them the chance to express themselves with one of our three great fragrances. Teens seem to be especially excited about our scents — Smelly Berry, Smelly Colada and Smelly Melon.”

Celly Smellys® is a trademarked product currently available at www.CellySmellys.com, with widening distribution beginning April, 2008. Celly Smellys® are sold in 15 count re-sealable packs in three fragrances (Smelly Berry, Smelly Colada and Smelly Melon). Distributors should call 877.651.1841 with product inquiries.

For additional information on the personal electronics wipes or on this release, contact Jessica Pohlkamp at 877.651.1841 or visit www.CellySmellys.com. Contact JessicaPohlkamp@CellySmellys.com for a product sample or for editorial purposes.

Celly Smelly® is a product of North and Lincoln, a Cincinnati-based business concern that generates inventive, practical and functional products and services to increase convenience for consumers interested in simple living.

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