We all know the value we place on our personal calendar.  It reminds us of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, parties, doctor appointments…the list could go on and on.  For our professional lives, we use it to keep track of meetings, appointments, networking events, luncheons, installations, reports, and deadlines.  But, did you know that there is another important use for a calendar that revolves around marketing?

A calendar can be used to keep us on track with various marketing initiatives throughout the year, which can greatly enhance the impact of our efforts.  Why, you might ask?  Well, quite simply because you are leveraging not only the timing of each strategy but your relevancy to the current market as well.

For example, depending on the nature of your business, being aware of national retail events like Black Friday, Free Shipping Day in mid-December, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday could make a significant difference in your sales ~ for the year. Calendaring high-impact marketing events like these can play a critical role in your annual marketing plan.  Taking the time to research appropriate events throughout the year will allow you to be proactive and strategic in determining what to promote, to who, and through what medium.  Building a marketing calendar will also create relevancy in your marketing efforts.  You will be current to your audience, not out-dated and part of the “white noise” that is so common in the marketplace today.

Having a marketing calendar dedicated to your brand visibility in the eyes of those you serve will continuously enhance your credibility and, by default, your bottom-line.

Keep it relevant.

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