What is the most valuable commodity we have at our disposal?  Time.  We can’t pause it, rewind it, or get more of it each day.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  We value our time and get annoyed when we lose it, especially through no fault of our own.  How do we feel when someone wastes our time?  Or when we feel that others don’t value our time?  It’s probably safe to say the feeling isn’t positive.

So, if we value our time so much, shouldn’t we expect that others value their own as well?  Is our time more important than someone else’s?  Being considerate of time says a lot about a person and what they value.  It says:

  • I am mindful.
  • I think of others.
  • I care what others think of me.
  • I value your time and mine.
  • I am considerate.

As you plan your day, be sure to include plenty of time between appointments.  Sometimes our days don’t go as planned, and our appointments start to back up.  It’s always a good idea then to let those you are meeting with know how much time you have available before you will need to leave.  It will help keep the meeting on track and provide time to cover topics that are most important.  It’s also easy to fall into the trap of believing some appointments or meetings are not as significant as others.  That is a critical mistake that will eventually catch up with you.  Each and every meeting involves someone’s time.  Time is priceless to each of us – isn’t it?

Keep it disciplined.

Pam Rezai
Sr. Marketing Director

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