Don’t forget to survey your clients.

The Ultimate Question 2.0

If you want to improve on your performance from year to year, then you ought to ask your clients the ultimate question.  “How likely is it that you would recommend [Company X] to a friend or colleague?” Fred Reichheld, author of, The Ultimate Question 2.0, and Bain Fellow and founder of Bain & Company’s Loyalty Practice, concluded that this question will lead you to the truth about your company’s performance.  Especially when followed by this additional question, “What is the reason for the answer you just provided?”  This question helps your company get to the heart of the matter and provides direction for real improvement.

I totally recommend that you read Reichheld’s book if you plan to survey your clients.  He helps you to develop what he calls a Net Promoter Score (NPS) that serves as an evaluation to be improved upon year-after-year.

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