I think we can all agree that Facebook for business is essential to a successful marketing strategy.  That it allows us to compete on the same playing field as the large corporations due to the reach it gives us and is also extremely cost effective compared to any other advertising initiative.  Yet, many of us still do not fully comprehend the potential impact to be had utilizing Facebook.  In other words, determining which of our posts will have more impact than others, and how to create the ultimate post that has the power to go viral and reach the masses.

At Dimalanta Design Group, we have been facilitating and training business professionals like you on Facebook for almost two years.  We rotate our workshops and offer it on a quarterly basis, where attendees can learn firsthand the ins and outs of Facebook utilizing their laptop to navigate their own business page.  But learning the fundamentals is only the first step to successfully integrating Facebook into a marketing strategy.  Understanding the science behind a post and what determines its success rate is another matter altogether.

There are essentially 4 types of posts we can make on Facebook – Me, You, Us, and We. Each play a role in our everyday social media activity; however, the proper balance of the four is critical to building our “likes” and engagement with our target market.  To help clarify, here is the definition of each post:

  • Me – a post that is about yourself, your company, or what you are selling
  • You – a post about someone else, like a referral partner or client
  • Us – a post that combines a group of people, for example at particular event
  • We – a post that affects everyone, for example supporting efforts to find an abducted child or a national tragedy

The second step is to understand how relevancy and willingness to share play a role in each of the 4 types of posts:

  • Me – relevance is low; willingness to share with others is low
  • You – relevance is low; willingness to share with others is high
  • Us – relevance is high, willingness to share with others is low
  • We – relevance is high; willingness to share with others is high

When we fully appreciate the power behind what makes the ultimate post, we can be more cognizant of what and how we post.  We can understand the rules of engagement of social media and how that can impact our business and lives in a positive way.

Keep it relevant.

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