Why is it that something so small can have such a big impact?  That the smallest of details has the power to change everything?

In the business world we see it every day.  A reckless comment by an employee to a customer is all over the news, an inappropriate post goes viral on social media, or the actions of a few student athletes at a college becomes the hot topic on talk radio.  While all of these examples are extreme, each was created by one or a few individuals within an organization and the ripple effect was enormous.  Jobs were lost, lawsuits were filed, and damage control was enlisted. The action of one has the ability to transform the image of a company or organization.

In the small business world, the smallest of errors can impact the company in a big way. Simple things like grammar, punctuality, appearance, and attitude can be enough to alter the course of a future opportunity.  Additionally, frustration can occur when the efforts of those on the front line (i.e. sales, business development, marketing) are undermined by those in a supportive role.  All employees are connected by the same thread that leads back to the customer.  Anything that severs that thread negatively impacts the customer and their overall experience.

The key to ultimate customer satisfaction and referrals is the appearance of one, cohesive unit – all with the same goal.  Always projecting the same level of professionalism and courtesy to the customer further secures and maintains the relationship.  There is far too much competition today for customers to make a switch.  Make it difficult for them to leave you because they have it so good.  Work each day as if everything counted on you delivering 100%.

Being amazing has never been easier.

Keep it perpetual.

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