How many of you reading this can say that you have the perfect presentation at your fingertips, or that you have that ideal piece of literature in you portfolio to help you communicate with your customer exactly what it is that you do?  If you find that you don’t have those tools at your disposal as you engage with the marketplace each day, then it’s time to have them.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Because people tend to be visual learners, preferring images and pictures to the written word, and it is difficult to articulate the how and what we do, the above saying certainly applies here. Let me give you an example with a recent experience I had.

While at my weekly BNI meeting, I had the opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation on the how and what that I do. This was the ideal time to really educate my referral partners. I was able to share a well-crafted, all-encompassing presentation of the marketing solutions Dimalanta Design Group provides with examples of some of the branding work we have created for our clients.  Yes, I could have handed out a brochure or simply spoken for 10 minutes about what we do, but the impact would not have been the same.

Marketing to your customer should be engaging, not boring.  It should also be presented in a way that they can clearly understand without getting lost in all the “lingo” of your industry.  You customer has enough to worry about without trying to figure out exactly what you are saying to them.  Make it easy by incorporating images and figures that will resonate with them.  By doing so will make your job easier, the selling cycle smoother, and quite possibly shorter.

Keep it relevant.

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