Too often business owners or marketing executives like to “go for the jugular” when it comes to their marketing. Whether it’s the sales appointment, advertising campaigns, etc, they try to convince their prospects to commit before they have a relationship. They fail to understand the relationship value in marketing.

I like to relate the high touch marketing process to the courting.

1. Make Eye Contact…Who do you like to work with? Be targeted!
2. Make an introduction…Network with those you want to do business with.
3. Establish Familiarity…Implement a very perpetual and personal marketing communication campaign.
4. Go out on a date…Set that appointment! Don’t be afraid to ask for that date.
5. Be Likable…Be Likable. I say this because some of you need to work on your interpersonal skills.
6. Get Engaged…This refers to the first time you do business.
7. Get Married…Be prepared for the lifelong commitment!

Why do we fail at this? Because we don’t invest time, energy, and resources to build our relationships.

Keep it High Touch!

-Ernie DiMalanta

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