While driving the other day I passed a sign that almost made me stop my car and go back and read it again.  The sign read,

“Go the extra mile.  It’s never crowded.”

I couldn’t help but smile at it’s simple yet profound meaning.  Due to the nature of my profession, I immediately pondered how many businesses do not fully comprehend the power of strategic marketing in determining long-term success.  How many businesses give up too early, look for a quick solution, or choose the status quo then wonder why sales are flat.  No matter who your target market is, getting their attention has never been more difficult.  Competition for their time is at a premium.  In fact, people are spoiled with the amount of options to spend their time on plus, with today’s technology, many of the things we were forced to watch (i.e. commercials) can now be fast-forwarded through with DVR.

So how do we gain the attention of our target market, consistently, with relevancy, and personally?  We go that extra mile.  But what does that extra mile mean to you?

It could mean:

  • creating and implementing a Marketing Action Plan (MAP)
  • reassessing where you are spending your time each week
  • planning quarterly strategy sessions with your team
  • updating your sales and marketing collateral with infographics vs straight content
  • nominating your company for a Chamber or Industry specific award
  • revamping your customer service standards
  • training yourself on social media

The extra mile opens the door to countless ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and enhance your image in the marketplace.  Remember, there can only be one winner.  The difference rests in those of us who choose the path less traveled.

Keep it perpetual.

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