So you’re thinking about paying for a booth at an upcoming expo. Are you planning on sitting behind your table display hoping for people to drop their business cards in your fishbowl so you can go back to your office, enter them into ACT, and call them prospects? Of course not! If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to visiting all those booths giving away free food. One expo I got chocolate covered strawberrys, cookies with macadamian nuts, stuffed mushrooms, pizza, all you can eat cheese and buffalo wings… Now that was a successful expo!

What are your objectives? What is your strategy while at the event? How are you attracting people to your booth before the expo even takes place? How are you planning on qualifying leads while at the event? These are serious questions that require serious answers.

If you’re not planning on coming prepared, then at least have free stuffed mushrooms offered at your table… at least you’ll make one person happy!

-Ernie DiMalanta

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