January is the month synonymous with the word “resolution.”  It’s a time when all the fitness centers and gyms are packed with people, excited to begin their journey towards ideal health and physique.  What happens come February?  These same places are a little less crowded, new memberships start to decline, and there’s actually an open treadmill throughout the day.  By March?  The trend continues and more resolutions are abandoned because life got busy again, a few pounds were lost so it’s “good enough.”

While New Year’s resolutions are admirable, they are more often than not, self defeating. But only because we allow it to be that way.  Businesses also have New Year’s resolutions, and I was reminded of that during a recent discussion with a highly successful business owner.  Considering the recent economic downturn, I felt compelled to ask him what he attributed his success to when many of his local and national competitors failed.  He said it was simple.  He and his team stuck to their goals (or resolutions) each month.  They never waivered.  Even during the toughest of times, when their competitors were cutting costs, especially with their marketing and advertising, his company did not.  In fact, his company increased their spending on marketing and advertising.  With his competitors diminishing their visibility, he increased it.  People only “saw” what was visible.  His client base grew substantially throughout this time.  His competitors shrunk, and today, many are out of business because of that decision to cut spending on visibility.

So, the moral?  Stick to your New Year’s resolutions, both personally and professionally. Doing that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and keep you on the path to success.

Keep it disciplined.

Pam Rezai
Sr. Marketing Director


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