Social Media Icons

Let me start by asking these questions:

  • Was it really necessary to start using Fax Machines  when it became popular?
  • How about cell phones?  How about running a business today without a smartphone? (I remember how cool it was when mom and dad had a phone installed in their BMW… that was sweet!)
  • How about the interweb thingy? 🙂  The internet!
  • Could you imagine managing all those projects and client relationships without email?
Throughout history there have been many ways to communicate messages.  Marketing and branding is all about getting your message to your market.  Well guess what?  Your market is now communicating through social media tools like facebook, linkedin, tweeter (that ones for you Brandon), youtube, etc.  
So it’s time to cut the cord off of your rotary phone and adapt to today’s new methods already! 
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