How many times while watching television have you muted or fast-forwarded through commercials?  In business conversations, how many times while speaking with someone has your mind drifted away, completely tuning out what that person is saying?  When we do this we are essentially saying “So what?”

Now, let’s reverse it.  While you are talking with someone about your product or service and it’s benefits, have you ever considered whether that person has thought “So what?” at any point during your conversation.  I know we’d like to think it has never happened, but the truth is that people have and will do that.  The key is to prevent it from happening by:

  • Actively listening to what we are saying.
  • Observing the other person to be sure that we are engaging them.

The goal is to engage them to the point that they say, “Tell me more!” – not “So what?”  A great way to encourage a conversation is by asking questions.  Asking questions opens the door to finding out needs which are opportunities for you.  Let others talk.  Don’t feel compelled to say everything you possibly can to your prospect.  Say just enough to encourage a question.

When dining with a prospect or client, a great indicator of the success of the meeting is whose plate has the most food on it.  If it’s your’s, then you talked too much.  If it’s their’s, then the client or prospect did.  That’s exactly what you want.  It means you are listening and able to discern what opportunities have been presented and how you or one of your referral partners can be of assistance.  That is a conversation everyone ought to have.  Are you?

Keep it disciplined.

Pam Rezai
Sr. Marketing Director

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