When DDG founder Ernie Dimalanta was a kid, he hated steak. You see, Ernie’s mom prepared the steak by frying it. That didn’t sit well with Ernie, and he grew up hating steak.

Once Ernie was older, he decided to try a steak at an upscale steak house. You guessed it. Ernie really enjoyed it. He thought to himself, “So, that’s what good steak tastes like!”

To appreciate a good steak, Ernie had to go to an expert source. The same goes for great marketing and design. To know what a great marketing campaign or great design looks like, you need seek out the best examples.

Here are a few ways to immerse yourself in great design and marketing:

  • Read marketing or design magazines and blogs. Follow leaders in the field on social media.
  • Join professional organizations like the American Marketing Association or AIGA, the largest professional organization of designers in the world. Participate in networking and social events. And get involved in their awards competitions and ceremonies.
  • Connect with your local colleges or universities and become involved with their design or marketing departments as an advisor, speaker or mentor. Some of the best work is coming from the newest professionals in our fields. Attend student presentations and portfolio and gallery shows.

To be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best. Find it and let it inspire you.

Stay Disciplined!

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