Every organization, company, and institution needs their members and/or employees to have skin in the game in order to ensure long-term success.  Having skin in the game means a sense of ownership and alliance.  It denotes a sense of family, of a team.  You see it in youth sports, where teammates and their families gather during the season for team meals and outings.  It builds fellowship and familiarity.  But how do we know if or when there is true ownership?  How do we gauge the level of personal investment?

One of our referral partners shared a great story about just this topic.  She was thrilled about the strengthening or her company’s culture from the action of a single employee. This particular employee is a rather quiet individual at work but recently asked to make an announcement to the team during the afternoon meeting.  Our referral partner, who happens to be the owner, was a bit surprised but said “of course.”  At the meeting later that day the employee suggested that the employees participate in a group event to show solidarity.  The other employees enthusiasm was overwhelmingly positive.  This simple request demonstrated to the owner that this quiet employee did have skin in the game, that the team members were feeling a sense of belonging.  The company culture had truly blossomed.

The look of pride and satisfaction on our referral partner’s face was priceless.  She had succeeded in creating that sense of family she had worked so tirelessly to build.  She knew her employees had skin in the game and felt a sense of ownership.  Now that is success!

Keep it personal.

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