I would like to tell you a story about the significance of brand management.

The other day, I was enjoying a cup of coffee with one of my referral partners.  She was telling me about a situation her company recently encountered where the owner realized that his brand identity was in jeopardy.  This was of utmost concern because his name was his brand, and his name was built on a reputation that took many years to build.  It was in jeopardy through no fault of his own, but for a few people within his organization who did not embrace the value and meaning behind the brand.  The good news is that he quickly acted and made the necessary changes to stop the erosion of his brand and began the process of repairing what was tarnished.  He realized that no amount of money could ever replace the value of his brand – which was his name.  That, indeed, is truly priceless.

When it comes to any business, big or small, your brand management is the lifeblood to your success.  Without it you have nothing.  Always be vigilant when it comes to protecting your image, identity and reputation in the marketplace.  Damage control takes quite a bit of time and energy, but maintaining the integrity of a brand is easy, especially if you take inventory each and every day.

Keep it disciplined.

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