Everyone in a company is part of the “sales team” – from the receptionist who answers the phone and greets guests, to the person who handles customer complaints.   A great analogy, especially at this time of year, involves baseball.

Every major league team has several pitchers, but each has their own role to play in securing that win.  Some are the starters.  They build the momentum, break the ice, if you will.  Then, towards the end of the game, there may be a change-up.  The relief pitcher arrives from the bull-pen, ready to keep the momentum going, solidifying the lead.  Depending on how close the game is, the closer may be called in during the 8th or 9th inning.  This pitcher’s only job is to finish the game with a win.  Regardless of who secures the win, all pitchers contribute to reaching this victory.  Each cannot do it alone.  It is a team effort.

In the business, each person within a company touches the customer.  Each has a role to play in securing that “win” of a satisfied customer who will in turn refer additional customers to you.  Could you do it all alone?  Maybe.  Would it be difficult, time consuming and possibly end in a negative experience for the customer?  Possibly.  The question then becomes, is it worth the risk to pitch the entire game solo?

Keep it perpetual.

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