Yes, it’s true.  When buying certain accessories like hats, head bands, scarves, ties – one size does fit all.  However, when it comes to marketing, there is no one size marketing plan that fits all businesses.

Your marketing plan should be approached like a custom fitted suit or a pair of prescription glasses – made to fit your target audience, your budget, your time, your personality.  The financial resources at your disposal may not be significant, but that shouldn’t stop you from implementing your marketing plan.  In fact, it should only be a parameter from which to work within.  Much of what is available to small business today is free, or nearly so, considering your return on investment.

Remember, what may be successful for one small business may not mean it will be successful for another.  Take time today to re-calibrate and reconfigure your marketing plan.  Make sure it’s designed to fit your business like those prescription lenses – designed to enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your company’s mission and vision.

Keep it personal.

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