No matter the size of a company, confusion and mistakes happen.  We do not live in a vacuum, where each day can be predicted and people’s behaviors anticipated.  Even though we may have our roles within an organization, there is overlap.  But with small business, the overlap tends to be much greater, where people may fill many different roles.  While this may be the case for the smaller business, it’s important to remember that even with overlap, tasks can fall between the cracks and not happen.  Sometimes it isn’t until much later that the error is realized, and hopefully, it isn’t too late to correct it.

The bottom line is that in small business, we can never assume.  Each member of the team needs to have the other’s back.  Helping to ensure projects move forward, appointments are set, reminders are given, and details are never overlooked.  Granted we each have our defined roles within an organization, but there is a lot of gray area.  Just like with any sports team or military outfit, each person’s role can be very specific, however each is expected to compensate for another at any given time to reach a common goal.  The cohesiveness is fluid and ever changing.  Small business needs to operate the same way.  Think team first and never assume.

Keep it disciplined.

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