It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how much planning and forethought one puts into planning an event, something inevitably goes awry.  And that something cannot be anticipated, predicted, or prevented.  Enter “Murphy’s Law.”

When it comes to planning any event for your business:

  • An open house
  • A workshop
  • A seminar
  • A business after hours
  • A luncheon
  • Or other networking event


remember that the key to minimizing (notice I didn’t say eliminating) the effects of Murphy’s Law is to create a checklist.  This checklist should be all-inclusive, with every single task assigned to someone with completion dates.  Something as simple as forgetting a power strip can mean the difference between success and failure, to the point where others take note of your lack of preparedness and professionalism.

So, when things like a power failure happen due to an electrical storm, we can confidently attribute it to our faithful friend “Murphy.”  But, for something like forgetting the power strip for the presentation, it can only be attributed to “you.”

Keep it disciplined.


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