It’s a little too easy for employees to lose sight of the overall vision of their company, regardless of the company size. This is largely due to poor marketing efforts put forth by the company—both externally, and internally. To establish a good marketing culture, follow these 3 simple rules.

  1. Know your company.

Part of knowing what the company is about is having a good handle on the mission, vision, values, and purpose, or the MVVP, of the company. While developing and defining the MVVP, leaders must be challenged to explore their why as well. The why is the passion and motivation that drives corporate culture and the company’s marketable mission.

  1. Communicate the company’s mission internally.

There’s a number of ways to ensure your company’s mission is shared within the organization. These can be company wide events, meetings, and communication tools like internal newsletters or daily updates via Slack. These options communicate your MVVP through team building and visuals, effective ways to keep everyone in the loop and focused on rowing in the same direction.

  1. Live it and believe it.

Translate your MVVP and why into actions. This is the most critical part of creating a marketable culture. When the distance between what is being said and what is actually being done has grown too far, that is the ultimate problem. It’s hypocritical, it deteriorates motivation, and it impacts the way the company markets itself externally to consumers and users.

It is important to have a strong marketing culture, but keep in mind that it requires good leadership. Good leaders believe in strengthening their organization’s culture from within.

And always remember…

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