Make Social Media a Part of Your DNA

 5 Steps to Accelerate Business Growth Using Social Media, Part 6

We already know that culture and communication has changed in the modern world.  However, let’s face it many of you still haven’t fully transitioned and adopted social media as a part of business and personal life.  I often hear people say, “It’s a waste of time.”  Well, I have news for you.  The business community around you is changing and you have to adapt or become irrelevant.  If you make social media  a part of your DNA, then you will save time, work smarter, be better connected, and stay in front of people that can influence growth for your business.  Here are a few ways to integrate social media into your daily life:

  • Read your LinkedIn activity feed in the morning with your coffee.  Every morning check your social media feeds to see what happening with your connections, industry, market, thought leaders, etc.  Doing this allows you to stay in the know, and learn of potential opportunities.
  • Download the apps.  Remember that your smartphones are basically hand-held computers.  Download the social media apps so that you can easily engage with others while waiting in lines, taking a break, or talking with your spouse (this one is ill-advised.)  Apps on your phone allows you to easily snap photos or videos and post them immediately onto facebook, instagram, twitter, and other platforms.
  • Ask if they are on LinkedIn and tell them you will connect online.  If you’re out networking and meet someone new, be sure to ask them if they are on LinkedIn while you are exchanging business cards. Then send them an invite when you get back to the office.  This allows you to stay visible to them.
Well, there you have it.  Five steps to accelerating business growth using social media.  If you follow through with these simple tips I just shared, you will begin to see the value of staying connected on a daily basis.  The more you commit yourself to the process, the more opportunities will come your way.
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