You’ve met that business professional who seems to be connected to everyone.  Their success is palpable.  They project confidence and credibility.  You might wonder how they got to that point in their career?  What’s their secret?  Is it pure luck? Good timing?

A successful magician projects the same image as that business professional – confident, credible, focused.  We ask ourselves after each trick is performed, “how did he do that?” We are equally amazed and curious as to the secret behind the trick.  We know that in the end, there is a magic trick to be revealed.  However, in the business world, success like the professional from above requires no magic trick or illusions.  It’s actually quite simple and attainable for all of us. The trick lies within us and how we embrace the philosophy of referral marketing.

According to the Referral Institute, the definition for referral marketing is as follows:

“Referral Marketing is a business strategy to attract new clients through a process of building relationships which result in a flow of personally recommended business.”

The key word in this definition is relationships.  Yet, to be truly successful at referral marketing, a person needs to be authentic in his or her desire to engage in this way.  In other words, one can not fake being a referral marketer.  Others will see through their charade immediately and know they are being used.  Referral marketing allows you to:

  • Build a solid book of business foundation.
  • Reach a greater number of people within your target audience.
  • Increase your credibility by surrounding yourself with other like-minded professionals.
  • Work smarter and not harder.
  • Enjoy the successes of those you have built relationships with (both referral partners and clients).
  • Limit your exposure to those individuals that “just want to sell you something.”
Why wait another day?  
Keep it personal.
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