On the surface it would seem that small business could not possibly compete with big business in term of marketing themselves. Fortunately, the arrival of social media has played a significant role in leveling the playing field.  Now, small businesses can achieve the same reach with their target audience and fully engage them even though they don’t have the sizable marketing budget of the big guys.

Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest allow small businesses to:

  • appear larger than they are,
  • build an audience for little or no cost,
  • personalize their brand, company, and employees,
  • creatively and strategically network, plus
  • keep abreast of what their competitors are doing.

Small business have the distinct advantage of being closer to the consumer, especially at the local level, with less layers of personnel and red tape.  Big business is sometimes like a large cruise ship. Quick reaction to the marketplace doesn’t happen, just like turning that large cruise ship around. Small business can react quickly and efficiently at the first sign of change.  The power of social media networks amplifies these key advantages for small businesses and shifts the dynamics of the business world so that big and small business can compete on a more level playing field.

Keep it targeted.

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