If you were given the opportunity to learn from the best, without any cost to you, would you take it?  Whether it’s your profession, your hobby, or your sport of choice, chances are you would say “Absolutely!”  Who in their right mind, you might ask, would say “no thanks?”

You obviously picked the profession you are in for a reason, be it your passion, your degree, or a combination of both.  And part of your marketing strategy, if it’s not already, is positioning yourself as the most credible and preferred professional in your industry. Whether you are the owner of a company or an employee, you work with others.  So if you are “the best,” then logic would say that you are the best in your current position (i.e. Sales Manager, Territory Representative, Customer Care Consultant, Operations Director) within your place of business ~ and people want to learn from “the best”.

In small business the opportunity for training can be limited, and in most cases takes place while on the job.  Sending someone off for two weeks to Corporate just doesn’t exist.  Still, training should and can happen on a regular basis.  Ongoing training will keep employees (including yourself) fully engaged, give them a greater sense of purpose, and help them feel valued. Introducing a new skill or fine tuning a current one is empowering, and you can be the one to help make it a reality as the expert in your profession.

Share, mentor, encourage, and develop those around you to help them be the best at what they do.  If each employee is the best within a company, just imagine the collective positive impact on its bottom line.

Keep it personal.

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