Principle #4: High Touch Marketing is Targeted

In Dr. Suess’ classic “The Lorax,” the Once-ler tells the Lorax that the “thneed” is a thing that “everyone, everyone, everyone needs!” That’s a pretty broad target audience.

Often, small to medium-sized business leaders are so enthusiastic about their businesses, they want to tell the whole world. Literally. While that enthusiasm conveys authenticity and passion, marketing to “everyone” is not only impossible and unaffordable; it’s not good strategy.

Instead, take every opportunity to learn as much about your customers as you can – use tools such demographics, psychographics and geographical profiles to really drill down into who they are. Then, target your marketing as specifically as you can. You may think your target market is “moms,” but you may be able to narrow that down to “moms ages 28-35 who have 2.3 kids in elementary school, drive SUVs, listen to satellite radio and buy organic produce.” That kind of specificity helps you better manage your message and how you deliver it.

There are even more benefits to becoming a more niche-focused business. By engaging “your people,” they may become even more devoted and, in many instances, transform into ambassadors for your brand, sharing your message virally with their online and offline friends and acquaintances.

Turn “everyone” into the exact “someone” who is your perfect customer. Keep it targeted. 

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