Principle #1: Out-&-Out Marketing® is Simple!

You’ve heard it so many times, it’s cliché: “Keep It Simple Stupid,” often refereed to as the “KISS” principle. But, in almost every cliché, there’s some truth. This one is no different. Especially when it comes to marketing.

Many business owners or leaders are extremely frustrated by the concept of marketing. Confused by too many messages about the “next big thing,” and sales pitches that overpromise and under deliver ROI, they become paralyzed and swear off it all.

Additionally, many businesses invest traditional advertising – print, TV, radio, banner ads – only to find that the time and budget invested overburdens the company with additional tasks that divert from their core business and fail to produce results.

Marketing doesn’t have to be an all-encompassing undertaking. In fact, keeping your marketing strategy simple is actually a much-more effective approach than trying to do everything at once. Focus on what you can do and do it. You don’t have to spend hours of staff time or more money than your budget allows. You just have to do something. And do it consistently.

Next week we’ll discuss the next Out-&-Out Marketing® principle, Keep it Disciplined.

Until then, keep it simple (smarty!).

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