Our society is so fast-paced. It feels like customer service often falls by the wayside, but we have to remember to give adequate attention to customers and clients.

It seems like an understood, no-brainer concept, but can you remember the last time you got exceptional customer service? Great customer service is not only memorable but is a way to increase client retention. It helps with word-of-mouth referrals, too.

Here are some simple tips to encourage your staff to implement.

  1. Present yourself well, even when talking on the phone. Being animated even when you’re on the phone and in a room by yourself will carry in your voice. It changes your voice inflection more than you know, it’ll increase your endorphins, and make you feel happier, which in turn will affect how your customer feels when interacting with you.
  2. Remember names and personal details. Remember to ask your client how their vacation went, or if they’re still looking for a new dog. Simple gestures like this go a long way.
  3. Be respectful when addressing clients and customers. Proper handshakes, eye contact, using “yes, please” and “thank you!” These are simple, good manners that are easily forgotten in the hurriedness of the day. Encourage your team to slow down and mind their manners whenever they’re feeling busy and rushed.
  4. Be friendly. Smile when talking to your customers, ask them how they’re doing, and truly pay attention to them. Leave your personal worries at the door before coming to work or walking into a meeting. Personal issues often result in terrible customer service.
  5. Staff dissention. Customers don’t want to hear about employees talking about other employees or their boss. Staff members should always keep the gossip to themselves whenever customers are around. Even if there is an issue brewing, be a team player.

Remember: good person, caring customer service not only can impact sales and customer loyalty but can impact your online reviews as well. All can have a positive or negative effect in bringing in new business.

Challenge: regularly encourage your employees to be on the same page when providing quality service to clients.

And always remember…

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