Principle #3: Out-&-Out Marketing is Perpetual or “Marketing Uninterrupted” 

A golfer can’t walk up to the tee on the first hole, hit and amazing shot, and say “That was great! See you in the club house!” That great shot has to be followed with shot after shot until an entire 18 holes have been played. Only then can the round be evaluated.

In order to make an impact for your business, marketing needs to be perpetual, or uninterrupted. Like the ineffective marketing plan sitting in a binder on the shelf, your marketing strategies won’t work if you execute them in a stop and go manner. You can’t wait for an offer or opportunity to come your way and act only then. Your customers and target audiences need to hear from you on a regular basis or they may simply forget about you. Keeping your business top of mind will help them remember you when the time comes to make a decision about the product or service you provide.

Invest in a calendaring tool that your whole staff can see and use. It can be electronic or high tech, but often the simplest solution is a large white board posted in a common area, serving as a constant reminder of your marketing strategies for each month or quarter. This will help your entire team become engaged in the philosophy of Out-&-Out marketing and be able to effectively plan for a constant and consistent flow of information from you to your customers.

Fore! Keep it perpetual.

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