Everyday business owners and executives face all sorts of obstacles.  From low sales numbers, HR challenges, customer service issues, to managing growth, legal burdens, and cash flow shortfalls.  Marketing tends to be seen as another wrench in the cog.  It’s easy to put marketing off, or make up reasons why it’s too difficult, time consuming, and costly.   We setup mental barriers that prevent from moving our brands ahead.

Instead, commit to marketing your business and explore the various tactics available to you.  Keep in mind that you are growing your business during a time when available tactics are at an all-time high!  As you begin to investigate possibilities, your creative juices will soon begin to flow and you will see that there are no obstacles too high for you to go around.

Again, I’m emphasizing a commitment, a change in attitude.  These are essential to being successful in Out-&-Out Marketing®.

Keep it simple!

-Ernie Dimalanta

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