Flat Tire Marketing

You may have heard that a person’s life is like that of a wheel, with each spoke representing an area of that person’s life. For example, one spoke may represent family, another work, exercise, social life, and so on. And the only way the wheel works most effectively is when it’s fully inflated, without holes or broken spokes. What happens when we fail to take time for exercise, for rest, or for family? Our lives go out of balance, we suffer, others may suffer. The same principle can be applied to marketing as it relates to business.

In order for a company to run smoothly, each spoke on the wheel should be evaluated and managed – referral sources, advertising, social media, website, brochures, etc. If not, inevitably the company’s growth will be affected because the wheel is now ‘flat’ in a certain area. Take the time to look at your business. Is your wheel fully inflated? Are there areas that are showing signs of neglect and affecting other areas of your work? Is there a consistent source of referrals? Is your website easy to navigate? Do you utilize social media to increase your company’s visibility? Do you have the material you need to adequately and professionally convey to potential clients what it is your company does?

Each day, be sure to check your ‘wheel’ to ensure its fully inflated and allows you to maximize your influence in the marketplace.

Keep it Disciplined!

Ernie Dimalanta,
Founder of Out-&-Out Marketing

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