A wise man once said to me that when it comes to marketing a great philosophy to follow is “Fire, ready, aim!”  Those three words couldn’t be more true.

Too many times, small business becomes paralyzed by inaction with their marketing.  Inaction can be due to:

  • Numerous strategy sessions.
  • Fear of a mistake.
  • Further thought and research.
  • Uncertainty.
  • Perceived lack of time.

This is a critical mistake.  Why?  Missed opportunity.  Every business is really a marketing business that happens to be very good at a specific service or product.  Without marketing efforts, no one will know your company exists.  In terms of marketing, much of what you can do is free, especially with social media.  So, if you make a social media mistake what can it truly cost you (unless it’s a catastrophic PR snafu)?  Nothing really.  Maybe your first few posts aren’t as targeted as they should be to those you are serving.  Maybe your post was a bit too long or too short.  Either way, at least you “fired” rather than not.

By following the “Fire, ready, aim!” mentality, you can always try again and get closer to your target.  However, if you never “fire” in the first place, you will never even see your target.

Keep it simple.

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