You know how sometimes when you walk into an establishment you can sense whether or not they got, “It?”  The place just feels right.  The employees are all working off of the same game plan.  Everything is looking crisp and intentional.  The smell in the air just wreaks of success, confidence, and a sense of purpose.  Even the sounds you hear are ringing the right chord.  Then you think to yourself, “Man, they got it!”

If your role in the company is to generate the “It” factor, or in other words, you wear the marketing hat, then you need to be absolutely convinced of and promoting your company’s position statement.

The position statement is the core of the company’s message that they want to be perceived as in the market place.

Think about that for a second.  Does your organization have a position statement?  Do you know it well enough to sum it up in two words?  If you can’t answer these questions with a yes, then I can assure you that your marketing communication effort is nothing but a clanging cymbal.


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