Recently we hosted a Blogging Seminar as part of a series on Social Media.  As the group was brainstorming ideas for future blogs, a question was asked about certain fields of business who cannot use Social Media to promote their line of work.  What can be done in this situation?

For whatever reason, people may be unable or unwilling to use Social Media as a means to build their visibility and credibility in their industry.  Maybe it’s due to certain laws restricting its use, or maybe some are struggling to find a consistent funnel of ideas to post about.  Either way, there is a solution to consider – promote others!  Using your blog to write about your encounters with prospects, clients, referral partners or even friends and family is a great way to build trust.

People love stories, stories humanize us.  As people read your blogs they will get to know you, what you value, who you surround yourself with. You may never write a single blog about what it is that you do, but people will know YOU. They will see you as a connector of others, a team player, a credible resource.  Before you realize it, people will discover what it is that you do for a living.  The great news is that the trust was built first, and this is the last piece of that puzzle that leads to building a profitable future.

Keep it personal.

Pam Rezai
Sr. Marketing Director

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