Not too long ago I saw a video featuring a young man who was an athlete in training.  In it, the athlete was shown exercising and training throughout the course of an entire day.  He never stopped.  While the video played, a commentator spoke about the desire to succeed at any goal needs to be greater than the desire to breathe.  Is this an extreme viewpoint? Yes, if taken literally, but really the answer is no.  The bottom line is that to be successful at anything in life, whether it’s:

  • A relationship
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • A 4.0 GPA
  • A successful business
  • Exceeding sales goals
  • Becoming a professional athlete

a person needs to be fully committed to achieving that goal.  Sometimes to the point of staying up late to get that presentation done right, passing on that slice of chocolate cake, taking the time to find the right candidate to fill that job in A/R, reading “just one more” bedtime story to your child, or making five more sales calls even though it’s 4:30 pm on a Friday.

Taking it one step further is a sign of how committed you are to your own success and that of others.  When it comes to your business, take the time to determine your own level of commitment.  If you want success as badly as you say do, be sure that your actions are in line with your words.

Keep it disciplined.

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