No matter our best intentions, there are times that we will fail ourselves.  We may have taken the time at the beginning of the year to list our goals, prioritize them, and commit to a better version of ourselves.  Still, we may miss the mark simply because life got in the way.  Maybe we have been so busy putting out fires at work that the focus on our goals has slipped; maybe we didn’t realize how much time we would need to invest in launching our business; maybe we underestimated our opportunities for the year and found ourselves quickly diverting time and resources.  Unfortunately that’s life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recommit ourselves and begin anew.

When it comes to branding ourselves, our company, or our organization, we need not focus on the failures and shortcomings of the past – whether we had been intentionally working on our branding or leaving it to chance.  The key is actually in the here and now, regardless of where we are in our career, our position within an organization, and what we did or didn’t do up until that point.  We cannot let our past dictate the path we take today.   People and businesses, can and do, reinvent and re-brand themselves every day – and if needed, so can you.

Decide today to look at how you are fairing this year.  Be honest with yourself and determine if your past should continue to be your present or if you have been selling yourself short.  If the latter is the case, begin now and focus on your personal or professional brand.  Be diligent in how others perceive you.  Remember that maintaining a brand takes time.  It does not happen overnight.  It does not happen in a week or a month. Consistency is key to branding success.   Commit today.

Keep it perpetual.

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