I feel like a broken record sometimes when I talk with my children.  Constantly repeating myself, hoping that sooner or later the message will sink in.  One of the common themes of these “talks” involves how they brand themselves in the circles that they travel, whether it’s at school, in sports, volunteering, or babysitting.  It is very important to consider how others perceive them.

This message overlaps in all areas of our lives, especially our business.  No matter what your title is, your pay, or skill set, everyone has an opportunity to brand themselves.  It is completely within our control.  If you are not sure what I mean by this, let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Are you always late or always early to meetings and appointments?
  • Do you come prepared to meetings with the proper paperwork and updates to offer?
  • Do you follow up with customers and contacts when you say you will?
  • Are you approachable or do you carry yourself in such a way that says “I would rather be left alone?”
  • Do you smile when you make eye contact with others?
  • Are you inclusive of others when at an event or do you tend to travel in the same circles?

Answers to questions like these say a lot about you and what others think about you.  It can also dictate the level of referrals you receive from others because we all know that people refer those that they “know, like, and trust.”  If your answer to a question above was not the ideal, that’s okay, at least you were honest with yourself.  By being honest enough to say “I need to get better at this” will allow you to grow in your profession, improve your personal brand, and have a positive impact on your income.

Nobody said that rebranding was only for a business.

Keep it personal.

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