How many times have you heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?  I can remember back to my earliest days in grade school hearing those same words more times than I can count. While this is philosophy is perfect when selecting great literature, the same cannot be said if we were to apply it to business.

The cover, or surface, of anything can be misleading and deceptive, somewhat like wearing a mask.  While the outside can project a certain image, what lies beneath can be a completely different story.  As you are conducting your daily business, have you stopped to consider if the “cover” of your business accurately portrays it’s many facets?  Ask yourself if what the prospect initially sees is transparent, replicated throughout each department, and worthy of their business loyalty.  If people were to judge a business based on their initial contact:

  • Would a snazzy logo be enough to offset poor customer service?
  • Would the pleasant and professional receptionist be enough to offset the 72 hours later return call by the sales consultant?
  • Would a fantastic product be enough to offset a difficult to navigate website?

Do your homework by taking the time to look inward, past the “cover” of your own business.  Does everything line up with the image your company wants to project?  Are there areas that are contradicting that image?  

As it relates to business, judging a business by its “cover” is not a good litmus test of its true worth and integrity.  Taking the time to look beyond the “cover” into the various chapters or levels of the company is time well spent.  Why?  Because everything that appears professional and of high standards on the onset does not guarantee that the same will be found beyond the first chapter.

Keep it disciplined.

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