To really get the most out of your networking activities, it’s important to invest time in ways that allow you really get to know other people.  Simply showing up at Business After Hours or Luncheons isn’t enough.  These types of events don’t happen frequently enough to build relationships that turn into referrals.  But, by getting involved in things like:

  • Chamber committees,
  • weekly networking groups,
  • non-profits,
  • church or school functions,
  • city or township organizations, or
  • mentoring

do, and you will find then that attending the various networking events are “icing on the cake.” You will see those you have already established a relationship with, and find that you can now talk business referrals instead of making introductions and learning about each other’s line of work.  The power of networking has now become magnified because you are truly invested.

Keep it personal. 

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