Why is it that when someone agrees with us it feels like victory?  Yet when someone doesn’t, it feels like defeat?  And even if that person does agree with us it doesn’t necessarily mean that we were right in the first place.  We could have been completely misinformed and think we knew what we are talking about or somehow surrounded ourselves with people pleasers.  Either way, we were validated.

When it comes to validation in marketing, it’s imperative that we are highly selective who we share our strategies with.  For example, at Dimalanta Design Group a logo design with a client involves a thorough assessment.  The information we learn from this active discussion allows us to properly design a logo that reflects the essence of the business owner, the story behind the business itself, and the feelings the brand is trying to project.  Now, if that client should decide to share the design proofs with everyone, you can imagine how different all the feedback would be. Yet most of these people who provided their feedback would have no idea of the “story” behind the design.  Their opinion would be based strictly on personal preference and opinion.  Is that enough to validate a decision?

We encourage our clients to keep the design process to themselves as much as possible.  At least until a final decision has been made.  When our clients know their story and how their design decision was made there is no reason to seek validation.  They have validated themselves by doing their homework.

If proper thought, planning, and work is done prior to implementing any marketing strategy, then external validation is irrelevant.  It will only muddy the water and hinder progress.  For no one knows your business better than you.

Keep it personal.


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