Reflection.  There must come a time in every business where energy is spent assessing the year, whether it is coming to an end or only just the beginning.  While it may seem like there isn’t time for it or it’s the last thing you want to do, life has an interesting way of forcing the issue.

I was told a few years ago during an incredibly hot weather spell that I should stop complaining and fighting it.  That I might as well “embrace it” and take it for what it was. As simple as that comment may be, it was quite profound.  Actually profound enough that I have continued to repeat it countless times since then.  And this post is one of those times.

While the Holidays are an occassion of celebration and gratitude, it is also typically a time of slower sales and less revenue – both of which are not preferred in the business world. In many cases this simply cannot be avoided.  While it may be frustrating, less than ideal, and a hot topic to complain about, accepting this time of year for what it is and “embracing” it could very well be the best course of action.

For a small business owner, or anyone who works for one, taking time to reflect is critical. Critical because so much depends on so few.  While we may struggle to find the right time during the year, I’d like to suggest that the best time might be during the Holidays.  The Holidays gives a business at least a week to recharge and reflect on all that transpired the past year.  To determine what worked, what didn’t, and what was missed.  There is time to take pen to paper to brainstorm ideas on ways to improve your business and market yourself – without being interrupted.   It also allows time to rest up in preparation for the new year and all the opportunities it will present.

The Holidays give many gifts to us – but one of the most valuable might just be the gift of time to reflect.

Keep it personal.

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