With Thanksgiving passed and the full swing of the holiday season upon us, there is a lot of thankfulness and gratefulness on everyone’s minds. This is also the best time of year to show client and customer appreciation for their business. It’s a great practice—because doing so not only keeps you top of mind with your clients but also within your circle of influence.

Here are some favorite ways of ours to show clients, customers, and partners appreciation.

  1. Send a personalized holiday card from your staff in the mail
  2. Send any kind of gift item, like gift baskets, flowers, or candy
  3. Send an email with a personalized message that shows your gratitude for their partnership
  4. Check out e-card options and send to your staff, partners, and customers
  5. Throw a client appreciation or employee holiday party
  6. Create a season’s greeting video to promote on your website and social media accounts
  7. Make a simple phone call to wish a happy holiday and express your thankfulness for a good year.

During the holiday season, it’s too easy to get wrapped up in closing the year on a high note and to forget about the people that have helped make it so special. Think about how important it is to strengthen your relationships for the New Year, and enjoy using the holiday season to reach out to your clients and customer base.

Keep it personal.

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